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Join us for another learning experience on Pamper My Business (PMB) Podcast with Kim Beasley as your host. In Part 1 of this interview, you will meet Tracey Minutolo who is a Side Hustle Coach. The topic for both parts is “Time and energy management for side hustlers”.

Tracey helps 9 to 5’ers launch and grow side businesses they love. She runs the Side Hustle Success Lab community where serious side hustlers can sharpen their skills and level up their habits while finding the support they need, and making the connections that make a difference. And she’s the host of the Side Hustle Success Minute, delivering bite-sized nuggets of side hustle inspiration and wisdom daily. When she’s not coaching, she’s probably geeking out on Continuous Improvement for her day job, hanging out in the San Diego sunshine, or checking out the latest craft beer release. You can find out more at traceyminutolo.com.

PMB Nuggets from Tracey during this Podcast:

  • WHATEVER you do, it has to be fun. If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, it’ll NEVER be sustainable. Don’t be afraid to make adjustments.
  • If you’re curious about trying something, just jump in and do it. You learn when you’re IN ACTION, and likely the first project/business you start WON’T be your last!
  • The importance of finding/creating community and support. This is particularly important for side hustlers who may not have many side hustling friends in their existing network.

Ways to connect with Tracey:

GIVEAWAY: Master Your Schedule

You can download a FREE PDF Giveaway that Tracey created especially for my listeners that's called Master Your Schedule: Guide and Workshop. Great resource to help you as you manage your side business.

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