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Hi, my name is Kim Beasley and I’m the host of Pamper My Business Podcast. Pamper My Business or PMB for short, focuses on providing you with solutions, tools, and tips that will help you gain the freedom to easily brand your business online.

For this Introductory Podcast, I would like to start with a few stats about branding.

  • Did you know that Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic? (Web Presence Solutions). Organic traffic is completely free and when someone is searching via a search engine for specific keywords, then they find you.
  • Have you heard that generating traffic and leads (63%) is one of the top marketing challenges which is followed by proving the ROI of marketing activities (40%)? (According to the State of Inbound)
  • Also, 55% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. (HubSpot)
  • I love this one – that YouTube was the top content distribution channel that businesses want to add to their marketing in the coming year with 48% of the market share, followed by Facebook video at 39%.

With all of these stats in mind, you may ask, what does this mean for me? Good question!
With the first PMB Nugget, it means that optimizing your content on your website can help build your brand so that you can be found via search engines.

Then with the next PMB Nugget, it’s important to generate website traffic (people coming to your website) and leads (growing your email list) so that you can be seen and sell to your target customers. As you do this, you can measure your ROI to see if your efforts are paying off.

Another PMB Nugget, BLOGGING! If you aren’t blogging on your website or on a similar website like then you are missing out on a vital way to share your knowledge, be seen, and grow your customer base. Blogging allows you to create content that reflects your professional knowledge. At the same time teaching your readers.

My final PMB Nugget is that video marketing is a diamond in the rough that all entrepreneurs need to add into their marketing plan. It’s a way of adding a fine-tune polish to your marketing efforts.

Now that I’ve shared a few PMB Nuggets, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

Since 2004, I’ve been developing highly customized WordPress websites and managing social media for corporations and entrepreneurs. Now, I’m taking the experience I’ve gained and sharing my knowledge with you. I truly believe in paying it forward.

Quick question, do you remember the movie BIG that starred Tom Hanks? Think about the scene where he played the big piano in the toy store. He started playing it all by himself. Then he was joined by Robert Loggia who was right by his side as they played Chopsticks together.

This brings to mind that even though you may have started branding your business online all alone, we want to join you on your branding journey so that you’re not alone anymore. You have us, the Pamper My Business team here to assist you.

We assist you by providing free and paid online training that will lead you on a journey of discovery about branding your business online.

Watch for future podcast episodes where we will be interviewing industry professionals who will share their own story about branding their businesses and how they grew it.

Once again I’m Kim Beasley, your host for Pamper My Business Podcast.

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