Overcoming Fear Of Growing Your Business

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I've been in business since the '90s, and I've gained an understanding of overcoming the fear of growing your business. So, if you are facing this same fear, you are not alone. Let me encourage you to take some time right now and define WHAT your fear is. Now, when you have written that down, continue reading to learn how you can overcome the fear of growing your business.

Fear is natural. It is an unknown factor in the future. However, when you allow that fear to overtake potential, then you are allowing it to dictate how your life will go. Now that you have your fear pinpointed, its time to move forward.

Typical Ways Of Overcoming The Fear Of Growing Your Business

When overcoming the fear of growing your business, you do not want to be alone. Finding that right fit to help cheer you along does not have to break your bank account. I have gone through the pains of growing and branding a business online, and I want to share my experiences with you. I have learned through trial and error over the years of what works and what does not.

Let me help you through your journey and get you moving down the path that will help you to build online success.

Claiming “Me Time”

When you are running a business, one of the things that you are going to find is that personal time becomes harder to get. As I have grown my business, I have been able to add members to my team. This has allowed me to outsource a lot of the tasks that I was doing myself. By delegating the work, and creating an organization that works together, productivity is at an all-time high. I can take a day off knowing that work will continue. This allows my body to relax.

By relaxing and having some downtime, I am able to be more productive. I find that I get more ideas and brainstorming done during personal time, as there is not a lot to distract me. Some of my best ideas have hit me while getting a pedicure! One piece of advice: Always carry a pen and paper or add an audio recording app to your phone. You can even use Google Keep to record and track your ideas You never know when inspiration will strike!

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize

Did I mention optimize? I cannot stress this enough! Be sure that your website, blog, and social media are optimized for maximum efficiency. For some, simply having a website is good enough. However, if you want to attract more customers, and build your client base, you need to ensure that you can be found. This rolls into BRANDING.

By branding your business, and making sure that you are visible to your target base, you can be seen so you can sell! Branding your business, and optimizing your efforts will help raise your rankings on search engines. Your target base will not find you if you are buried in the white pages. Brand yourself, optimize, and grow!

Because I optimize all of my pages and social media, I was able to be found on LinkedIn, by a corporate client. Because of this, I was able to land a five-figure, multi-year contract!  If someone tries to tell you that optimization does not work, I can tell you otherwise. I continually come up in each of the searches that the potential, now a long-time client, performed, proving that optimization DOES work.

Refuse To Barter Your Services

When it comes to bartering your services, this can be hard to get around. In the beginning, it might seem like a great idea. You get a service by providing a service in return. However, once this process is started, it can be extremely hard to break.

By realizing the worth of your business and the investment that you have made, sticking to your price list will ensure that you attract a loyal customer base. Don’t get caught in the game of “this for that.” Let your business shine!

Why Pamper My Business?

I have told you about Pamper My Business, but now I want to stress why it makes sense to use it. When you are getting ready to start your business, or are struggling to get your business out there, this is where I can help.

Pamper My Business or PMB, allows you to build and learn as you go. From WordPress training, to ensure that you are properly building your website, to using social media as a way to brand your business, this training covers all of that. However, there are many exciting areas to share with you! Also, PMB has a podcast, where I interview other entrepreneurs, giving them a spotlight to SHINE. Business visibility – plain and simple.

How to deal with the fear of growing your business

My goal is to assist entrepreneurs to get out of their own way, get over their fear, and build their business brand online. In the picture below, I am actually getting over one of my fears. Yep, I am feeding the parrot inside a bird habitat which had been a fear for me. Yet I pushed past the all-consuming fear and did it.

fear of growing your business - Kim Beasley - pamper my business

I mentioned SHINE above. I bet that you are curious as to what it means.

  • Strategic online growth planning
  • Harmonize business message
  • Innovative collaborations with peers
  • Networking with peers and followers
  • Engaging others online

Are you ready to SHINE? I want to help you grow, gain, and build a successful business!

That's what I want to do for you through Pamper My Business!

By signing up for the Pamper My Business training hub, you are gaining much more than lessons. You will get a team behind you can assist if you have any questions. By learning to overcome your fears of growing your business, you gain a deeper understanding and awareness of your brand.

Using the Pamper My Business training hub, you will get updates on our podcast and blogs. Be sure that you submit an interest form, for your chance to be interviewed on the PMB Podcast! I love to highlight entrepreneurs and their businesses!

Join me today! Let’s get you started on the path of overcoming fears of growing your business online, and SHINE!

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