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We give a stage to Entrepreneurs to tell their story about how they pamper their business, grow their online presence, and increase their bottom-line.

Meet Kim

After becoming a successful entrepreneur who provides WordPress development, training, and support desk services to corporations, Kim Beasley decided to pay it forward. She decided to offer a PodcastBlog, and Training Hub that teaches entrepreneurs how to easily brand their business online.

Be seen so that you can sell to your target customers!

Although Kim is the host for the podcast show, she has a team that works with her to grow the show. Her team helps her to be seen so that she can get her podcast out to her target audience.

Meet Kimmie

Kimmie is the Happiness Coordinator for Pamper My Business (PMB). She loves communicating with those who interact with PMB.

One of Kimmie's favorite things to do is sharing tips via PMB social media and on our blog. She is always busy on the lookout to see how she can help our entrepreneur customers. Whether it's by answering their questions or if she just needs to provide a link to a resource. Kimmie wants to make sure that she create an incredible learning environment for all entrepreneurs that she comes engages.

We Let You Shine!

There are three different ways that we like to work with you so that you can shine. We have a Podcast where you can possibly be interviewed. The Training Hub were you can learn how to grow your business. And our blog where we share essential information that can also help you discover how to shine.



Podcasting platform for entrepreneurs where you can SHINE! You can learn from other entrepreneur or you can have the opportunity to share your story. Click here for more details.



Our blog tells the story of entrepreneurs who share growing their business. Click here to discover how our blog can help you grow your business online.

Training Hub

Training Hub

The PMB Training Hub is just right for entrepreneurs who are looking for a place where you can be coached as you grow your visibility online. Click to get more details about our online training.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love to answer questions that you might have regarding PMB and what we do. Just click on a question to see the answers that we provide.

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1. What is PMB and what do you do?

PMB, or Pamper My Business, provides a way for entrepreneurs to SHINE online. The goal of PMB is to get connected to entrepreneurs, then provide a platform so that entrepreneurs can grow their visibility.

2. How do you help entrepreneurs to SHINE?

One of the things that PMB loves to do is use acronyms to help you remember things that can help you shine and grow your business online. One of the acronyms is SHINE and this is how you can apply it:

  • Strategic online growth plan
  • Harmonize business message
  • Innovative collaborations with peers
  • Networking with peers and followers
  • Engaging others online
3. How can I tell if I'm ready to be an entrepreneur?

becoming an entrepreneur - kim beasley - pamper my businessAsking yourself this question is the first step. It all boils down to whether you are ready to commit to this life-changing decision and if you can stay committed to growing your business. Keep in mind that it's important for you to have a “why” or reason for wanting to start your business.

Then keep that “why” in mind for those times when you will hit rough challenges because you will face challenges. It's a given! How you react to the challenges will make or break your business. If you don't feel that you can be committed, have a why, and stay on target as you grow your business then this just might not be for you.

4. Is it important to optimize my social media?

social media optimization - kim beasley - pamper my businessTo answer this question, it's important to explain what “optimization” looks like when it comes to social media. When I talk about “optimization” I'm referring to methods and plans that you can use to promote your business so that you bring awareness to your product or services or brand online. When you optimize your social media, you are taking action to make your business findable in Search. Along with creating attractive content that entices your target customers to take action and make a purchase with you.

Now that we have a basis for optimization, let's answer your question. The obvious answer is “YES” that it is important for you to optimize your social media. According to Mention.com, you can:

  1. Create consistent branded URLs
  2. Create custom apps on your Facebook page
  3. Fully complete your social media profiles
  4. “Pin” important content to your profiles
  5. Use strong calls-to-action to increase engagement

To do a deep dive into learning how to optimize your business social media, head over to Mention to read “5 Ways to Use Social Media Optimization for Higher Visibility“.

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