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Joining Kim Beasley for this podcast is Abby M. Herman. Abby is a content strategist for small business owners, helping to get her clients’ written message out to their audience, in their own voice and on their own terms. She specializes in working with service-based businesses to generate ideas and strategies that help to move their businesses forward with content that attracts the perfect clients.

During this podcast, Abby shares some really great tips about how she has grown her business to the point where she now focuses on helping her clients with content strategy, email marketing, and their email strategy.

Some of the knowledge she shares is about…

  1. Background about her business and her Why she’s in business today
  2. Tips of how you can overcome content and email marketing issues
  3. Information about low-cost option regarding content and email marketing

Abby is also providing a FREE download which is a Welcome Sequence outline for email marketing (you can get it here: https://nolistmarketing.com/9aab7). Also, she has a free class called One Week to Your Welcome Sequence and you can signup here https://nolistmarketing.com/b5daf

Link to part 2 of Abby’s interview: click here

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