For this podcast, Pamper My Business host, Kim Beasley, will be interviewing entrepreneur Sarah Hill. Sarah is CEO & Chief Storyteller at StoryUP, the maker of Healium Virtual. As a former stressed-out TV reporter who one day lost it, Sarah has 20 years of experience in interactive media.

After decades of choosing to consume information high in negative fiber, it took a couple trips to the hospital for Sarah to understand that her media diet was, in fact, making her sick. After realizing it was anxiety giving her panic attacks, Sarah tried medication but it made her feel numb.

Sarah reached out to a psychologist so they could write her a digital prescription that would help her manage her stress. After a couple weeks of training, Sarah developed a narrative that helped her fall asleep. The digital prescription along with Sarah's made up stories formed the foundation of Healium XR today.

PMB Nuggets shared by Sarah on stress management:

  • A unique way that entrepreneurs are using my business tool is during stressful situations or when they get bad news. It's great for stress management.
  • Healium is four minutes of virtual peace in a box. It connects positive feeling states to easy to remember stories that keep you upright. When you’re faced with a stressful situation, you can unpack that positive memory, remember how good your mind and body are supposed to feel and remember your waveforms controlling your environment.

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