For this podcast, Pamper My Business host, Kim Beasley, will be interviewing entrepreneur Suzannah Butcher who is the founder of Calmpreneur. The focus is mind wellness for entrepreneurs who are keen to escape the grind and hustle. Listen in as Suzannah shares tips for entrepreneurs to learn how to live a calmer life.

Suzannah's first business was in direct sales in 2008. Since then she's gone on to start various online ventures from membership models to eCommerce sites; many have failed, some have succeeded. Suzannah now run a jobs and community website and have continued with her original business.

Suzannah has explored, studied and practiced everything she can to help her keep her mind healthy, whilst remaining productive, positive and smiling (most of the time) and she's happy to be able to share her experiences.

PMB Nuggets shared by Suzannah in this podcast about being a calmer entrepreneur:

  • Failure really affected my self-esteem but it's an important part of growth. I've
    had quite a few different businesses. I don't take it personally anymore – it wasn't
    me that failed, it was the ‘thing'. It's all learning at the end of the day.
  • Mental health – it means I can't always show up and that leads to feelings of not
    being good enough/valued. I know my own signs now and have chosen to work
    in cycles – meaning when I'm productive I go with it and do as much as I can, and
    then retreat when I need to.

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