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Joining the Pamper My Business podcast for this episode is Katrina Widener which is hosted by Kim Beasley. Katrina is a top entrepreneur life coach based in Minneapolis. She’s a former marketer, journalist, and social media manager devoted to helping entrepreneurs feel empowered and find incredible growth in their businesses.

Her business, Katrina Widener Coaching, exists to be a supportive, inspirational resource for entrepreneurs to feel empowered and find growth in their businesses. I get to spend my days working with the most amazing people — encouraging, supporting, and motivating them to find the sweet spot in their businesses (and their lives). Whether it’s watching a client tell me why they’re uniquely qualified in their profession, working together to create copy that sells, or seeing their eyes light up when they feel inspired to tackle a problem, my job is to be your sounding board, biggest fan, and kick-in-the-pants to get you where you want to go.

PMB Nugget from Katrina during this Podcast:

The number one lesson I learned was to stop trying to control the world around you, and focus on only controlling yourself. Things won’t always happen the way you want them to. But you can take full responsibility for you — your mindset, work ethic, knowledge, skill set, demeanor, etc. If a client decides to stop working with you, the only thing you can control is how you find the next one.

Ways to connect with Katrina:

* Website: https://nolistmarketing.com/eb9cf
* Blog: https://nolistmarketing.com/502e8
* Twitter: https://nolistmarketing.com/a9b0d
* Facebook: https://nolistmarketing.com/dc143
* Instagram: https://nolistmarketing.com/dec99

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