For this podcast, Pamper My Business host, Kim Beasley and co-host Jerrilynn B. Thomas, will be discussing Small Business Saturday. Kim's business, Agape3 Business Services, has been developing WordPress websites since 2004 for entrepreneurs and corporations and managing social media for the same since 2005. Jerrilynn is the founder of Smart Women Partner, which helps women entrepreneurs partner with other women to grow their female client base.

For the month of October, Kim and Jerrilynn have chosen to focus all of the podcasts on helping entrepreneurs get prepared for Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the U.S.. You can celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 30, 2019. Today, they talk about creating a strategy for Small Business Saturday to attract more of your target audience.

One big and important thing you can do for your business is invite your customers to Shop Smallยฎ with you, and help attract new customers. They make it easy to create custom marketing materials in the Shop Smallยฎ Studio. Another tip for your Small Business Saturday strategy is to find a business partner to collaborate with and develop products and services that your target customers will buy.

PMB Nuggets shared by Kim and Jerrilynn about your Small Business Saturday Strategy:

  1. Always remember to monitor your success.
  2. Start your plan by identifying your target audience and how they will find you.

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